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About us

Leader since 1982

The TRAPPEN Italia Group was founded in 1982 with the registration of a PATENT and production start-up of a machine to capture flying insects using a Turbosuction system; in just a few years the group became an international leader in this sector. Trappen Italia believes that progress is a vital challenge for the future and is committed to finding solutions which reconcile economic growth and respect for the environment. To achieve this goal we are developing programmes whose aims include:

  1. a reduced use of materials
  2. a reduction in hazardous substances
  3. energy saving
  4. recycling and disposal of waste
  5. reduced packaging

Stabilimento Trappen


Quality and Experience

100% Made in italy

Trappen’s products and technologies are the fruit of decades of experience which, supported by an advanced research department, offer customers an excellent result both in terms of efficacy and safety.

Trappen’s Italia manages the entire production cycle of its products internally, from the moulding of the plastics to the management of the finished products warehouse; this means that all orders can be fulfilled rapidly.

All of Trappen's "Exterminators" are manufactured in Italy and comply with the current standards of the European Community (155 and 156 26/5/97 directives 93/43/EEC – 96/3/EC – 99/99/EEC) adapted to HACCP and subsequent amendments.